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A reliable manufacturer of Passenger E Rickshaw, Garbage E Rickshaw, Cargo E Rickshaw, E Rickshaw Loader and more.

We at Saksham Trading Co. produce premium-quality such as Passenger E Rickshaw, E Rickshaw Loader, Garbage E Rickshaw, Cargo E Rickshaw, etc. using state-of-the-art technology. We have become the most preferred manufacturer and supplier in the market, which has been possible because of the hard work of our employees and focus on customer satisfaction. Our selection of products is unmatched in terms of quality, durability, and performance efficiency. They are also united by the best features, which is why there is a high market demand for them.
Our task force expertise enables us to provide customers with service that meets or exceeds their expectations. We have effectively carved out a niche for ourselves on the basis of ingenuity, commitment, and diligence. Our entire team collaborates to meet daily goals and enable our company to serve customers effectively.

Our Vision

The goal of our business is to provide customers with high-quality items at cheap costs. In addition, we aim is to lead our industry and enhance

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the greatest business while building and upholding a strong corporate relationship with our clients, partners, and staff.
  • We strictly follow the standards set by our industry and are committed to maintaining the quality of our goods.
  • Another attribute of our business that consistently wins us praise from clients is timely delivery.
  • Customers can choose any channel that best suits their needs when making payments to us.
  • We offer products like Passenger E Rickshaw, E Rickshaw Loader, Garbage E Rickshaw, Cargo E Rickshaw, etc., that are robust, efficient in performance and therefore worth of customers money.


Our business also places a strong emphasis on packing because it is what customers see when they first glance at an item. Poor packing will give the buyer a negative first impression and eventually influence their decision not to purchase the goods.

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